Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crowdtap: Old Navy Tee Sample and Share

This month I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in a Crowdtap Sample and Share for Old Navy Tees! I received two coupons that allowed myself and a friend to each get two free tees from Old Navy. I was super excited about this sample and share because I love Old Navy tees and buy a few each year, so I loved the idea of getting two for free :)

Shopping Experience

My friend Katie and I went shopping at our local Old Navy earlier this month so we could pick out our free tees. First off, we were really happy with the selection that our store had to offer. The tables were neatly displayed and there were a lot of fun colors and even stripes to choose from. We were also pleasantly surprised that the perfect henleys were included in the freebies as well! We checked out all the tees and decided which ones we wanted based on our needs and likes.

Our Selections

After much debate and exchanging colors once, (I originally bought the gray and white stripe vintage v-neck tee, but later changed my mind) I chose the navy and white stripe vintage v-neck tee and the navy perfect henley tee, pictured below. I am obsessed with blue clothing and accessories so of course I couldn't resist adding two more blue items to my wardrobe. These tees fit really well and I love the stripes and added detail to the perfect henley tee!


Katie chose the green and white stripe and the purple and white stripe vintage v-neck tees, pictured below. She wanted to go with fun colors for spring and she also really liked the stripes as well!


We both went home and took separate pictures of us wearing our new tees! Katie looks super cute in her new bright colors and stripes and I'm rocking the look of the season - navy and white! You cannot believe how much navy blue and white I've seen in stores lately :) Don't you just love how different our pictures are!? I had to do some close-ups because my other shots were not so great.

Not only did we love our free tees, but we also bought a few of the other t-shirts they had to offer! I put together a little collage of the additional items I bought.

All in all, this was a wonderful sample and share! I have always loved Old Navy's tees, so of course I was super satisfied with my free items. I would definitely recommend purchasing some of Old Navy's tees to spruce up your summer wardrobe!

**Thanks to CrowdTap and the Old Navy Style Council, my friend and I were able to each take two Old Navy tees home for free.  All opinions are mine alone based off of my shopping experience and the tees I reviewed.


  1. Thanks for the post I love blue and white and I love tees. Good for summer and winter for laying especially to and from gym
    Will have to head over to old navy

  2. This is a really cool idea! I love Old Navy tees too (and Target's too!). Happy Friday!
    -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  3. Cute t-shirts, I love the navy and white strip! What a neat idea, it must be nice to get free tees.
    Everyday Inspired