About Me

Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a 27 year old girl living in northeast Georgia in the United States. I am currently living with my boyfriend of 7 years with our two lovely cats, Pumpkin and Phantom in a big university town. We just recently started renting a home in a nice neighborhood. We have a back yard now, yay! I attend college full time and run my own Etsy Shop. I love graphic design, cats, literature, chicken tacos, oxfords, headbands, statement necklaces, dresses, and much much more!

About COSDesign

COSDesign (formerly Chokingonstatic Design) was born from my love for photoshop and making cute graphics! I started my Etsy Shop in mid 2008 with my jewelry and accessory designs, but quickly realized my true calling was for graphic design. I had dabbled in graphic design for many years during high school, making simple websites for my friends and creating fun headers and css schemes on Livejournal. I had always done it just for fun, but I was excited to start a shop to help others with their design needs as well! 

I sold my first banner in October of 2008 and from then on I've been coming up with fun and creative ideas for Etsy Shop owners and bloggers! I'm slowly venturing out into other areas of design and creating more and more. At the moment, you can purchase Etsy Design Sets, Made to Match Items, Social Media and Sidebar Icons, Digital Paper and Clipart, and Premade Blogger Templates. I will always create for the Etsy community, but I am also starting to design for blogs as well! Stick around and watch as new things unfold!