Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ipsy Bag | May 2013

I forgot to do this post in May, so you'll be seeing two of these this month :)


yaby concealer refill
(Full Size - $5.06)
This concealer has pretty good coverage. It works well under my eyes and it's a nice shade. It's also very creamy and goes on smooth.

Zoya nail polish in "Piaf"
(Full Size - $8)
I received this in a pale yellow pastel color. I'm not a huge fan of yellow, but this isn't too bad. It goes on pretty well and has good coverage with just one coat. Very impressed with that.

Juice Beauty reflecting gloss in "Fig"
(Full Size - $15) (Sample Size - $7.50)
I love this lip gloss! It's the perfect shade and it's very unique. It has just a little bit of reflection in it to make it shiny, but not too shiny. It also smells wonderful!

Macadamia healing oil treatment
(Full Size - $13.50)
I haven't tried this yet but I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to using oil treatments. The couple of oil treatments that I have used has left my hair feeling strange and looking flat. It says you can use it in a masque or leave in conditioner, so I might use it when I want to give my hair "new life".

St. Tropez body lotion
(Full Size - $18) (Sample Size - ?)
So, funny story about this sample. When I received it, I didn't read the huge brand name on the side of the bottle and just thought it was body lotion. I decided I wanted to try it right away because I pretty much never get lotion samples. Well, once I opened it and looked at my hands, I realized that it was a tanning lotion! I had to run and wash my hands to make sure it didn't stick. After that, I realized that it was too dark for my fair skin and I would look quite hilarious trying to get it even on every inch of my body. I'm probably going to give it to a friend who tans.

In this bag, I received 3 full size products and 2 sample size products. Overall, my bag was okay this month. It was valued over $35, which is a great deal since I only paid $10 for the month. Plus, I can always use more nail polish and lip gloss, hehe. I'm just over oil treatments and have no use for tanning lotion. Oh well, it could have been a lot worse.

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  1. I've always wanted to subscribe to one of these, but the surprise would be disappointing if I didn't like the items, but this looks great!