Friday, March 12, 2010

Broken Computer = Issues

Wednesday morning, I wake up to prepare for the phone company to install a better modem only to find out that there is something terribly wrong with my computer. I try to wake my macbook pro up from sleep only to realize that the screen is blank. This has happened before and I just assumed that the brightness of the screen was too low, but after trying to adjust it, the screen continues to stay blank. After many times restarting and running some of the tests mentioned in the manual, it continues to have the same issue.

So, I managed to get the modem installed without having to use my computer, but had to test it out on my old laptop. After dealing with it, I finally did some research online and found a lot of people talking about a faulty Nvidia card on a lot of the macbook pros that came out between 2007 and 2008. I bought mine in December 2007, so I took the advice on the forum and called apple support. She asked me a lot of troubleshooting questions and I mentioned the list of computers with the faulty card. She told me that my computer was on the list and should be able to be fixed for free if this was the issue causing the screen problems. I took my computer to a nearby apple authorized store and told them about it and they agreed. Now my computer is there being fixed. They mentioned that if this is not the only issue, I would have to pay for any other repairs, so I'm hoping for the best right now. I just wanted to update this so that everyone would know why I'm a little out of reach at the moment and have my etsy shop closed at the moment.

Right now, all I can do is hope for the best and wait for a call back.

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