Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Etsy Shop is Turning 1!

Coming up on April 20th, my etsy shop will be 1 year old! I can hardly believe it. Here's a little back story...

I first started out my etsy shop by selling jewelry. Then I switched to selling jewelry and accessories. I focused on bracelets and keyrings for a while but wasn't having as much luck as I wished, so I finally decided to test the waters of graphic design.

I had always worked with layouts and graphics in the past but had never tried selling before. I researched and saw what others were doing and finally made a few banners and listed them. After about a week or so, I got a couple of sales and it boosted my confidence so I worked hard and started stocking more.

A few months of having a shop with a combination of jewelry, accessories, and banners...I finally transitioned over to a graphics only shop. My sales have pretty much doubled since I started selling digital graphics and I could not be more pleased. I had always enjoyed making things like that, but never figured I could earn a little bit by doing so. Nowadays, my shop is full of banner and avatar sets at affordable prices - most are $3.50 - $4, and I try to charge the same amount for any add ons.

Now that you know all about the now and then of my etsy shop, here comes the part where I need your help. I have set a goal to reach 100 sales by April 20th, to make my 1 yr anniversary complete! Right now I'm sitting at 94 sales and only need 6 more to reach said goal. I have decided that the 100th person to buy a banner and avatar set from me will receive free sale banner, sale avatar, vacation banner, vacation avatar, and customer appreciation graphics! So go ahead, take a look around my shop and try to be the 100th customer!


  1. Congrats on the 94 sales and almost a year on Etsy! Great Job!!

  2. Happy Etsyversary - and good luck on the sales!