Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Sorry I've been falling behind in my blogging lately, but it has been crazy busy at work lately and I've been having to work a lot of my on calls. I just wanted to do a quick post and wish everyone a Happy Easter!

We had dinner at my house with all of my mom's side today and it was really fun and wonderful to see everyone :) The food was delicious and we hunted eggs etc. I love this time a year because my mom will buy me a whole bag of jelly beans - yum! lol

Also wanted to let you guys know of my new products. I'm now making printable PDFs and JPGs. So far I just have printable PDF notepad templates up in my etsy shop. I'm also working on scrabble tile and bottlecap printable sheets. I'm going to try to get those listed sometime this week. Here is a preview of one of the more spring time notepad templates - Celebration Flowers. Go check it out and be sure to take a look at the other templates I'm offering! :)

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