Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ipsy Bag | June 2013


◆ Starlooks Lip Pencil in "Bare" 
(Full Size - $12)
This lip pencil worked surprisingly well and was a good shade for my skin. I'm glad that I got a neutral color because some people were getting some very bright colors. It went on really smoothly and blended great!

◆ NYX Cream Blush in "Tickled" 
(Full Size - $6)
I loved this blush! It's a very light, almost coral pink and it goes on really smooth. It blends in really well and is not too overpowering on my cheeks.

◆ J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette in "SPC106 Volta" 
(Full Size - $4.49)
I have mixed opinions on this product. When I first saw it, I thought it was definitely interesting because it's really shiny. However, when I put it on, it was more like glitter than a sparkle cream palette.  It also got everywhere and I had to scrub it off! Not too happy about that. I've heard that you are supposed to use it with neutral eye shadows, but I'm not sure if that would make it apply any better. I might give it another shot, but for right now, I'm not pleased with this product.

◆ Cailyn Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner w/ Brush in "Iron" 
(Full Size - $21)
I'm not a big eyeliner user because I don't like the way I look when I wear it. I feel like I'm trying too hard when I apply black eyeliner, so I try to stay away from the black colors. However, this product was very easy to apply and I might try to use it every once in a while. Since I received it in an "iron" color, it's not too dark, so I don't feel overwhelmed by it.

◆ Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil 
(Full Size - $18)
I gave this product a quick test and it seems like it works pretty well. It's definitely different from any other highlighter I've used. It's not white or pearly, it's more of a light, pinkish skin tone. It's said you can use it anywhere to highlight, such as on the brow bone, around the eyes, etc and to cover up blemishes and dark spots. I gave it a try around my eyes and liked the appearance. I'm going to have to give it a try for blemishes as well!

If I'm correct, I believe that all of these were full size products this month, so that is pretty awesome. It brings my bag value to be over $60 :) I'm really happy with this bag!

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