Monday, July 18, 2011

Possible Vacation

Due to the fact that I decided to finish up at GSC by taking classes during the summer, my boyfriend and I didn't have a chance to take a vacation during the typical months - May through July. I won't be finishing my classes until July 28th. So, I suggested we take a vacation in August! Since I'm finished by then and he doesn't start Fall semester until August 15th, we decided to do it.

I mentioned maybe going to Biloxi, Mississippi just because I've always wanted to go there and my mom liked it when she went years back. I tried to convince him by telling him that there is a casino there (he loves to play poker), hehe. This created his idea to look up places he could participate in a poker event and we could take a vacation at the same time. I remember one suggestion he made was Conneticut. I told him I wasn't quite sure about the drive and what exactly there would be to do, so he found out about an event in Jacksonville, FL.

The last time we went to FL, we went to the northern portion for a friend's wedding. It was a HELL of a drive (over 7 hours) but it was well worth it because we had lots of fun and the views were amazing. We were on a separate island and it wasn't overcrowded and the weather was perfect. This time around, I think the drive will only be a little over 5 hours, so not quite as bad as last year. Plus, it's still a beach location and I'm sure there'll be something fun to do :)

We plan to go August 7th - August 12th.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing classes this week!
    You should definitely take a vacation before classes begin up again in August. :)

    Glad to meet you through the Etsy Blog Team...
    I am your newest blog follower! :)

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts.
    I welcome you to visit my blog, too.
    Mary C. Nasser