Monday, July 11, 2011

My Life = Homework

Today was the start of the second week of the July session for my summer classes. All I can say is that I'm sitting on a pile of homework every single day :( I'm doing so-so in both my classes, but I wish I was doing a lot better.

Almost everyone in my Spanish class did poorly on the first quiz, so he's going to be nice enough to give an easier quiz tomorrow to help boost our grades. I'm hoping that I do well on it. He did say that he's proud I've opened up a bit and have started speaking more in Spanish during class, so I guess that's positive. Our midterm is next Monday. I just keep telling myself that in 11 class days and 17 whole days it will all be finished and I can enjoy taking my next semester off and focusing on other aspects of my life while saving up some money before I transfer.

As far as accounting I passed my first test barely and failed one quiz...but my homework grades are great. I just hope to do better on the next test.

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