Monday, April 1, 2013

Etsy Newness

I haven't posted about new things in my Etsy Shop in a while, so why not feature a few cute things I've created in the past months. I've had a lot of inspiration in the past week, so new things are just around the corner. Enjoy!

Small 5 Piece Etsy Sets

Teal Ombre Chevron

Pink Arrow

Fun With Dots (Pink)

Pink Chevron Birdie

Social Media Icons and Navigation

Teal Paint Splatter

Pink Cursive Hearts


  1. I love all your new work, the teal ombre chevron is very cool. I just added your shop to my favoites, you have great stuff!
    Everyday Inspired

  2. Hey! How beautiful they all are! :) Really!
    Love your style! :)