Sunday, March 17, 2013

Subscription Box Beginnings

Have you heard about the new subscription box craze? I have! There are tons of them, ranging from beauty to food and everything in between. First off, a subscription box is basically a fun way to try out new products for a fee. Most of them are monthly subscriptions, but you usually have the option to skip months if you'd like. Some are "surprises" and some let you pick the items you want or they give you an idea of what you'll receive. Below I will show you the subscription boxes I have decided to test out. I will also be doing review posts about the boxes as I receive them and let you guys know what I thought about the products and the boxes in general.

The Julep Maven box is $19.99 a month. You take a fun maven style quiz that helps them pick colors they think will be right for you. After you take the quiz you receive a style profile. You can decide to keep your style profile or pick and choose from different style profiles every month. After you pick your profile, you receive your introductory box. You will receive 3 full sized products and a surprise in each box. You also get to save 20% on everything in the store and receive free shipping on every order. You can skip and/or cancel at any time.

Each Cravebox costs around $10 - $18 and is based around a theme. They have boxes with themes such as beauty or food. Each box has a variety of fun products. They offer instant boxes, which you can purchase right away, and they offer boxes that are only available via drawings. You get to decide if the box is right for you before purchasing or entering a drawing.

Birchbox is $10 a month. You will receive 4-5 high end beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples. You also earn points as well. For every 100 points earned, you get $10 off a full sized product order. The monthly fee is a recurring fee and the only way to skip a month is to cancel your subscription.

Beauty Army is $12 a month. With Beauty Army you take a beauty profile that selects 9 personalized items for you to choose from. The cool part is you get to see the products before you order your box. You are allowed to select up to 6 for your box. You also have a choice between samples, deluxe samples, and even full size products! You can also retake your beauty profile as many time as you like to see different products. You can skip and/or cancel the subscription at any time.

The Goodies Co. Taster's Box is $7 a month. You get to taste new foods, earn points for reviewing products, and purchase full size products. This was the cheapest food related box I've found.

Those are the boxes that I have subscribed too. Once I receive the boxes, I will write more detailed reviews of the products and my thoughts on the value of the boxes. I tried to join a few other subscription box services, but I am on wait lists or need a special invitation. Hopefully I'll find some more to join soon :)


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