Sunday, January 27, 2013

Premade Blogger Templates

My newest addition to the COSDesign Etsy Shop is Premade Blogger Templates. I've always liked doing the design for my own blog, so I figured I'd share some templates with others.

Each template includes the following:
  • Customized Header/Banner
  • 4 Matching Social Media Icons
  • Blogger background image (if there is an option for one)
  • Installation Code
  • Installation Instructions

Each header featured in the listings is customizable. I can include your blog title and tagline if you have one. I will include instructions for uploading the overall template and also instructions for how to upload and link the social media icons to their location sites in a widget. All fonts used within the blog posts and sidebar are customizable as well and I can show you how to change them if desired.

In the future I will also be adding on extras, such as navigation bar, matching blog button, custom sidebar titles, extra social media icons, post signature etc.

So here are a few of the templates I have listed and ready for you!

Blue Fields

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