Saturday, January 21, 2012

RedGage Review

Hi everyone! I want to share a great resource I found for anyone that loves to take pictures, upload videos, blog, or write. It's called RedGage and it's a site that pays you for your content and monetizes your social activity.
"RedGage helps you make money for what you're already doing online and by building traffic to your content on RedGage you can maximize your earnings."
I started using it just a couple of weeks ago and I've already earned over $25! You get a little bit for each unique click per item you upload. Right now you have the option to upload pictures, videos, documents, blogs, and links.

They also do daily contests. You get points for certain things you do, such as uploading knowledge based content, mentioning them, or inviting your friends.

It's a lot of fun and I recommend anyone that loves to blog or take pictures to join today!

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