Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Savings Wrap-up

I've decided to share the savings I make each week or month by adding this new segment called "Sunday Savings Wrap-up". In this post, I will list all the ways that I save or gain extra income. I think it's really neat to keep up with the amount of money you save by shopping great deals, using discounts, visiting restaurants on special days, etc.

Savings for the week of 10/9/11 - 10/15/11

  • Two regular priced $12.50 3/4 sleeve t-shirts for $3.75 a piece
  • Two regular priced $5 animal shaped food containers for $1.88 a piece
  • A regular priced $16.94 3/4 sleeve henley t-shirt for $3.17
  • Two regular priced $12.50 lace henley tanks for $2.34 a piece
  • A regular priced $32.94 striped sweater for $6.17
  • A regular priced $17.94 3/4 sleeve polka dot shirt for $3.36
  • A regular priced $17.94 3/4 sleeve color block shirt for $5.38
  • A regular priced $14.94 graphic tee for $3.14
  • An elbow cardigan for $1.87 (Not sure of the original price because it was an online return that was already discounted)

I scored some jumbo tacos at Taco Stand for 99 cents a piece. I love Jumbo Taco Tuesdays =D

I got a discounted haircut - $35 haircut for $17 plus tip by using a DealMobs voucher.

I also put in an order to redeem a $25 Old Navy gift card on, redeemed two $5 Amazon gift cards on, and finalized an order to have $50 transferred to my paypal account with

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