Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Boys

When I lived with my parents, I had almost all female cats. I loved them and wished I could bring them with me when I moved out, but Will already owned two male cats and we knew that they would not get along due to some experiments with both parties. Since my parents loved "my" cats just as much as I did, I didn't want to take them away from my mom and dad either and realized that it would be best to allow them to continue living there.

I had been with Will for over 3 years when we moved in and I had grown to love his cats, Pumpkin and Phantom, as my own. However, there is a real difference between female and male cats. My female cats were very feisty yet somewhat dependent. They would follow me around and snuggle with me and let me treat them like the little fur children they are. However, being around Pumpkin and Phantom, I've noticed that they are a little more distant and only want to snuggle when they are lonely and/or needy. I've grown used to this but still miss being able to pick up one of my cats and carry her around on my shoulder without a fight.

The funny thing is, Pumpkin and Phantom are different in all ways. Pumpkin is fluffy and Phantom is sleek. Pumpkin talks and purrs a lot and Phantom does both rarely. Phantom is really curious and Pumpkin is lazy. Pumpkin is older and Phantom is younger. Despite their differences, they depend on each other. I catch them snuggling in a chair and cleaning each other and it's so cute how much they play off of each others personalities. I guess they are close because Phantom has been around Pumpkin ever since he was a kitten and he's literally grown up with Pumpkin by his side.

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  1. Your boys are adorable! Don't you just love how they groom each other? My boys do that, too, and I always snap pictures when I catch them!

    My boys really "need" attention when they want to be fed! That's when I notice they become stalkers. LOL.