Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Bit Discouraged...

Today was the first day of my July session classes. I'm taking SPAN 1002 and ACCT 2102, both second halves of classes I've already taken. Each class lasts until July 28th, which is roughly 14 class days. I've only been in my SPAN 1002 class for a 3 hour period and already feel discouraged :/ People who say it's hard to learn Spanish in one session weren't kidding. Let me explain why it seems this will be true...

First off, my teacher is a lot different from my SPAN 1001 teacher. He's a bit disorganized and hops all over the place making it hard to follow along. Plus he gets off subject here and there and he's going to be speaking 85% Spanish during class. I'm not used to this style of teaching. With some teachers I get accustomed to their quirks, so I hope this won't be any different. He seems encouraging and has done a few things with the schedule that I like, but I just don't know...none of the stuff he taught today really stuck in my head and I had to come home and read the tutorials on our website portion of the class and check things in the book.

Secondly, I didn't get much knowledge on the preterite tense because we lost a few class hours back in spring due to snow days and had to cut out a week's worth of material. And of course preterite is the back bone of some of the stuff we are discussing right away. He gave a very brief introduction on the tense to help us remember but of course if you haven't already learned it, a brief introduction isn't going to trigger what isn't there to begin with. He claims that the things we learn in the beginning of this class are going to be hard but once we are past it, it will be easier. I sure hope so! We already had 1 person leave during the break he gave us lol.

I'm just hoping for a passing grade. I'm not even going to strive for an A, a C will be good enough this time around. As long as I survive with that, I'll be happy :)

& as far as my ACCT 2101 class goes, I got a B in there even though I didn't do so hot on the in person assessment, which was hard and confusing :/ So far my ACCT 2102 isn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. I started on it early since it's online and got most of the first days work out of the way on Thursday and Friday of last week. I guess time will tell whether or not it will stay easy for me.

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