Monday, June 27, 2011

Athfest 2011 continued

As I mentioned before, the main reason I decided to attend Athfest this year was for the artisan market. In past years, I mainly went to hang out with friends and listen to music, but since I noticed such great art last year, I decided that the artisan market would be my main focus this time around. But of course we were able to hear the outside stages while we browsed the booths.

Here's a shot of the main stage and Athfest banner.

Here's a shot of the marquee for a local club, the 40 Watt. This is one of the places I've probably seen the most shows at :) It is also located at the end of Washington St, which is the street they block off for Athfest.

Below is a picture of The Cap Man's bottle cap truck. He's a pretty great local folk artist and according to his website, he got the idea for covering his truck with bottle caps after finding some really cool ones and using them as his signature. You can definitely read more about it at his site.

The picture below is Chris "Chub" Hubbard's Heaven and Hell Car. It's been around since 1998 according to the website. I've always been wowed by these artistic vehicles.

This is a shot of the indo crafts banner above their booth. They had some pretty great twig crayons and clothes. I was tempted to buy some items but I was saving my money and being on the look out for wall art instead.

I thought this root beer sign was pretty neat :)

And finally, I did buy something! I got a print version of this painting from Chris J. Hobe'. I love art like this and was surprised that I was able to afford the print. Visit his website and you'll see just how great his art is.

All in all there was a ton of fantastic art this year. Over 45+ booths were set up and I couldn't believe all the creativity that's out there. I grabbed a few business cards and a guide to the festival so I can keep up with artists that I liked.


  1. That looks like so much fun...

    I love going on events like that
    and do some booth hopping,
    there are always interesting stuff to see and discover in there.

  2. how awesome! and also washed out was playing!! jealous

  3. Love the vibe of Athens- looks similar to what happens here in Portland- great photos!

  4. The vibe in Athens looks similar to the one here in Portland, Oregon. Great photos!