Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Decorating Time!

The other day I was in Target and came across some of these blank notebooks, folders, and book covers with cute designs on them. They were meant to be used with sharpie markers. I thought the designs were cool, so I couldn't resist buying a 3 pack...mostly because they were only a little over a dollar.

The other day I started thinking about how I wanted to put something in the clear area on the front of my school binders and I remembered the cute designs I bought. I cut them down to size and inserted them into the front and really liked it! Today I decided to start working on the first design and make it colorful. I think it looks really cool and will continue to color in the other designs for the front and back of the binders. Here is a shot of the finished flower design and the unfinished circle and squares design. I will hopefully get everything colored and completed soon :)

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