Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Depeche Mode - Tour of the Universe Concert

I meant to blog about this at the beginning of the month,..better late than never.

My boyfriend and I went to see one of my favorite bands, Depeche Mode, in concert on 9/1/09. It was at an outside amphitheater but I received really good tickets, so we got to sit in the covered area with actual seats. There were two to three sections of covered seats with a ton of rolling hills for others to sit at. I had never been to such a large concert before, so I thought this was really cool!

I was weary about how good our seats would be, but they turned out decent. We ended up in row V on the left, somewhat close to the middle sections. The show was one of the best I'd ever seen and I loved the song choices! The set list ended up being:

1. In Chains
2. Wrong
3. Hole to Feed
4. Walking in My Shoes
5. It's No Good
6. A Question of Time
7. Precious
8. Fly on the Windscreen
9. Jezebel
10. Home
11. Miles Away/The Truth Is
12. Policy of Truth
13. In Your Room
14. I Feel You
15. Enjoy the Silence
16. Never Let Me Down Again

17. Somebody
18. Stripped
19. Behind the Wheel

Encore #2:
20. Personal Jesus
21. Waiting for the Night

A ton of these were some of my personal favorites and I was really surprised they performed them. I had never been to a concert for a band that has been around so long, so I wasn't sure which songs they would choose...but in my opinion, these were some of the best :) We had a really good time and my boyfriend even bought me a tour of the universe t-shirt. If I ever get a chance to see them again, I'll take it!

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  1. I love concerts too but I haven't been to one in a long time. Enjoy your t-shirt :)