Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Snow Day of the Season!

Last night I saw that we were expecting Snow today. At first I didn't believe it would happen because they've said it before and nothing happened, but today my mom called me and told me was snowing. Low and Behold, I looked out my boyfriend's window and saw it was snowing like crazy!

My mom and I decided that it would be best for me to just stay at Will's house since it's been continuously snowing for over 5 hours and my dad said that the roads were slick for him. Right now our power is still on here, but my mom told me that their power has been out at the house for over an hour :(

We went outside and braved the cold (I didn't know it was going to snow so all I had was a light jacket and no scarf or gloves so it was freezing!) and I got a few pictures.


  1. wow! snow!!! how funny, i just posted about how lovely and sunny it was down in southern california! haha!

  2. Beautiful Pics! We had our first snow in over a year here in south-eastern Virginia yesterday and only 29 so fat today - Woosh - March roars in like a lion!!